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We carry a wide range of Schaeffer's oil products. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products.

Citrol® Citrus Cleaner & Industrial Degreaser

Citrol® is a safe, biodegradable degreaser with astonishing cleaning power. It outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes, grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and bituminous deposits. Citrol® is equally effective in soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors. It's one of the few solvents tough enough to remove stubborn printer's ink.

Moly Roller Chain Lube

Tested in the hottest, driest, wettest and dustiest conditions Schaeffer's Moly Roller Chain Lube keeps on rolling. Schaeffer's Moly Roller Chain Lube combines the penetrating action of a superior quality penetrating oil with the lubricating ability of molybdenum disulfide - the most slippery substance known. The result is a chain lube that not only penetrates and lubricates, but also will not attract dust.

Moly E.P. Engine Oil Treatment

Moly E.P. Oil Treatment (#132) is a highly fortified extreme pressure engine oil treatment containing a highly specialized additive package. When used at the recommended treatment rate, this additive package provides the following performance benefits: •Increased compression through better ring seal. •A reduction in oil consumption. •Elimination of sticking valves and lifters. •Reduced blow-by. •Increased oil pressure. •A reduction in engine friction and wear. •Increased power. •Better viscosity control. •Extreme pressure protection of the engine bearings, valve train, and pistons and piston rings

Ultra Supreme Grease

This aluminum complex thickener allows the Ultra Supreme to exhibit the following performance features: •Excellent pumpability characteristics for use in centralized lube systems. •Excellent resistance to water washout and water spray-off. •Excellent shear and mechanical stability. •Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure load carrying properties. •100% reversibility. This property allows Moly Supreme to have the ability to retain its grease-like consistency and remain in the bearings during periods of heat, high shock loading, extreme pressure, and severe mechanical action. •Excellent rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics. •Excellent resistance to oxidation. •A high dropping point. •Low temperature pumpability characteristics.

Penetro 90® Penetrating Oil

The Proven Rust Buster There are countless reasons to need a reliable "rust buster." Engine work, construction, maintenance, demolition, etc. Penetro 90® is a high performance penetrating oil that penetrates and lubricates all types of moving parts that have become difficult to operate due to increased friction from wear, corrosion or the buildup of sludge and grime. Penetro 90® is blended from a unique patented formula that provides the following benefits: Superior rust busting characteristics •Formation of a Triple Barrier Shield to protect against rust and other corrosive buildup. •Formation of a protective shield that rejects abrasive particles such as dirt, sand and salt, and protects against moisture. •Superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties in order to increase equipment life and reduce downtime. •Will not affect any seal materials or coatings

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